Detroit Forgery Lawyer

Have you been charged with a forgery in Detroit?

The state of Michigan takes crimes of forgery very seriously and a conviction may result in penalties just as harsh as those for violent crimes.


Forgery of public records is defined by Michigan Penal Code §750.248, and this felony charge can carry a prison sentence of up to 14 years.  It’s defined as falsely making, forging or altering public records with intent to injure or defraud.  These records include public records, certificates and attestations from a court clerk, register of deeds, notary public, township clerk or any other public officer.  Falsifying charters, wills and testaments, bonds, letters of attorney, insurance policies, promissory notes, etc., all fall under this penal code.  Altering bills of lading or of exchange, modifying acceptance, endorsement or an assignment of bill of exchange or promissory note, accountability receipts for money, goods or any other property is classified as fraud.


The forgery of notes or bonds that were issued for the debt of a state or municipality with intent to defraud or injure is included in Michigan Penal Code §750.250 and can result in a 7-year prison sentence.  Misrepresenting a financial transaction device (credit and debit cards) in bad faith is a felony and is covered under Michigan Penal Code §750.248a.  Real Estate fraud carries a maximum sentence of up to 14 years and includes forging, altering, counterfeiting or falsifying a deed, discharge of mortgage, a power of attorney or any other documentation that affects a real estate interest.


A forgery defense requires a careful study of the allegedly forged documentation and the precise way in which they were used.  These types of cases tend to be complex, requiring extensive discovery and an experienced forgery lawyer whom you can trust.  The attorneys at Legalquest Network use various legal maneuvers to dismantle the prosecutor’s case.  These include objecting to critical evidence under the rules of criminal procedure and evidence, requesting court censorship for evidence that may have been obtained without a proper warrant or by conducting an illegal search, demonstrating reasonable doubt or a lack of criminal intent or claiming that you had no knowledge that the documents were anything less than 100% legal.  We thoroughly analyze your arrest, detention and interrogation to determine if your constitutional right to due process may have been violated and we look for mitigating factors which can lead to a lighter sentence in the event of a conviction.


The forgery charges defense attorneys at Legalquest Network Team provide legal assistance in the cities of Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Sterling Heights.