Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Detroit?

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Get an Experienced Trial Attorney on Your Side

Legal matters can be complicated and to have a professional in your corner is the best thing you can do.  The criminal defense attorneys at Legalquest Network have over 5 decades of experience in working with clients charged with crimes in the State of Michigan.  Our aggressive criminal defense lawyers are ready and willing to fight for you and protect your best interests.  When it comes to excellent representation by a trial attorney, experience in the field counts.  Our attorneys have successfully navigated every aspect of the law and have intimate knowledge of what works in a particular situation and what doesn’t.


An open two-way communication:  We take great care to make sure you feel comfortable in telling us your side of the story and work to present it in a way that benefits you in court.  In turn, we are honest about your options and what you can expect.  An attorney and their client are a team and an open line of communication is necessary for a successful outcome.


Being informative:  The legal system is an extensive and a complicated myriad of interpretations and judgments.  That is why we explain the laws that apply to you and how they apply to you.  We discuss all aspects of your case, the different paths it can take, and what we plan to do if the proceedings take a turn.  We promptly inform you of any changes or decisions having to do with your case and explain their implications.


Professionalism and skill: This criminal law firm is made up of professional and knowledgeable attorneys who look for creative legal strategies in developing your defense.  Our trial attorneys carefully review possible outcomes prior to the implementation of any legal maneuver.  Our attorneys’ skills stem from intimate knowledge of the law and extensive experience in their individual area of expertise.


Continual Service: You will always be our top priority and can expect regular communication from us regarding your case.  We are with you from the moment we take on your case to the very end and into an appeals court, if necessary.  We are available by phone and email, and you can count on us to get back to you promptly.


The criminal charges trial attorneys at Legalquest Network Team provide legal assistance in the cities of Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Sterling Heights.