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Help You Avoid Drunk Driving Penalties

One could say that the best way to avoid drunk driving penalties is simple, don’t drink and drive.  In the real world, things are not so black and white.  Every case has a unique set of circumstances and the drunk driving attorneys at Legalquest Network know how to use those circumstances to build a winning case.


In Michigan, a driver is mostly charged with either an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) or an OWVI (Operating While Visibly Impaired) if the police officer or the state trooper that pulled them over reports that they were or appeared to be intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle, respectively.  This means that you are not off the hook if your BAC is below .08, you can be charged with OWVI if the police or a witness believes that the amount of alcohol the driver did have was enough to impair his or her driving.


Our DWI attorneys are experts at reviewing every aspect of the case to find every detail that will benefit you.  Possible drunk driving defenses are; lack of probable cause in pulling you over, improper breathalyzer test/invalid results, witness credibility and improper evidence collection.


There are several things that can make breathalyzer test results inadmissible.  The machine needs to be regularly calibrated and the test itself must be administered by someone properly trained to use the equipment.  The timing of the test is also important because it must be administered within a certain amount of time for the results to remain valid.  Another factor that can affect the validity of the test is if you vomited prior to the test, you would have a higher concentration of alcohol on your breath than is actually in your blood.


A blood test is another way to determine your BAC.  Typically, if you don’t consent, then the police need to get a warrant before administering the test which must be performed in compliance with Michigan regulations and by properly trained personnel.  The blood must be analyzed by someone trained to perform such a test.  If the sample is contaminated from not being properly drawn, stored or analyzed, it can produce a false positive or otherwise inaccurate result.


Our DUI attorneys can challenge the validity of these results in fighting your case and have the charges reduced or dropped altogether.


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