Charged With A Financial Crime?

Financial Crimes Defense in Detroit

By definition, fraud and financial crimes are a type of theft/larceny that take place when a person or an entity either takes money or property or uses them unlawfully with the intent to gain a benefit from such actions.  Financial crimes routinely involve a form of deceit or the abuse of a position of trust.  That is what differs them from common theft or robbery.


There is a long list of crimes that fall into this category; these are some of the most common ones.  Check fraud, embezzlement, extortion, tax evasion or the use of a canceled or revoked financial transaction device.  Some types of fraud include Insurance fraud, health care fraud and retail fraud.

Embezzlement is the improper allocation of funds; extortion is the act of obtaining money or property by threatening an individual or their loved ones, intimidation or a false claim of a right.  Tax evasion is not paying one’s share of taxes and the misuse of financial transaction devices generally involves credit card fraud. A charge of bribery has to do with offering or seeking anything of value in exchange for preferential treatment.


A strong financial crimes defense may prevent you from paying the long-term penalties that could follow you if you are convicted.  You may have difficulty finding a job or a residence due to a criminal record, or loss or denial of a license to work in your chosen profession.  This is not limited to just financial fields such as a CEO license but may include a revocation of a teaching, nursing, pharmacy, law or a medicine license as well.  If you are not an American citizen, it will most likely affect your immigration status and may even result in deportation.


Financial crimes by their very nature leave a paper trail, and it is that trail that the prosecution needs to discover and argue in court.  Without a direct connection to the monies being moved around it is difficult to get a conviction.  The attorneys at Legalquest work to separate you and your interests from these alleged crimes.  You may not be aware that your identity is being used for such illicit purposes and we use numerous strategies to defend you against such allegations.


The financial crimes attorneys at Legalquest Network Team provide legal assistance in the cities of Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Sterling Heights.