Felony and Visa Application

Deportation Defense Attorney

Gaining legal access into this country is a difficult process and if you made a mistake and were charged with a felony, it can cost you dearly.  A criminal record does not only affect you but your family as well.  Your family may be relying on you for money and support, whether they are in America with you learning the language or are back in your country of origin relying on your income.  Deportation is a civil procedure where the Immigration Court orders the removal of a non-U.S. citizen for violating any number of immigration or criminal laws.


The two reasons for deportation are 1) unlawful presence in this country and 2) criminal conviction.  You may be deported if you are convicted of moral turpitude, larceny, fraud or intent to harm another, or of aggravated felonies such as an intent to rob or kill, spousal abuse or an aggravated DUI.  To legally stay in America, you need to qualify and have a valid visa, green card or some other official permission documentation from the U.S. immigration authorities.  In cases of unauthorized presence in this country and depending on your length of stay, you may be deported and prevented from returning for a number of years.  A deportation defense attorney can assist you in seeking legal forgiveness, such as a waiver, in certain situations.


There are numerous defenses that can be used if you have been convicted of a crime.  A cancellation of removal for legal permanent residents, cancellation of removal for non-permanent residents, a waiver, an adjustment, a voluntary departure or a bond, which is a release from custody while the removal paperwork is being processed.  Being out on bond allows you to actively participate in your defense and take care of anything that may interfere with you staying in this country.  We will review your case and determine the best strategy for your defense.


If you are submitting for a visa and have a felony on your record, you may be facing an uphill battle.  The attorneys at Legalquest Network have been working with U. S. immigration authorities for over 50 years and have helped thousands of clients from 110 countries around the world.


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