Detroit Fraud Attorneys

Accused of a Bank or Credit Card Fraud in Detroit, MI?

The penalties for forgery, fraud or counterfeiting can vary dramatically.  One thing is for certain; it can seriously impact your life.  Credit card theft and credit card fraud are closely related crimes, but it is possible to commit one without the other.  The legal implications of fraud are more serious, and you need an experienced credit card fraud attorney to represent your interests if you are charged for this type of crime.  Your counsel will assist you with correctly answering any questions that the prosecutor and law enforcement will ask.  Because anything you say can possibly be taken out of context and used against you, the less you say, the better.


Bank fraud is a blanket term referring to any fraud against a financial institution.  A bank fraud attorney will defend you against charges of empty envelope deposits, cheque kiting, counterfeiting checks, forging signatures and altering checks and numerous other allegations.  Michigan takes a strong stance on crimes of fraud and the penalties, if you are convicted, are just as harsh as for violent crimes.  In addition to a prison sentence and monetary penalties, these crimes fall under the laws of criminal restitution, meaning you may have to compensate the victims for their loss.  Furthermore, a conviction can later be used against you in a civil suit to recover damages.


Your attorney will review the evidence against you and determine if they can object on the basis of rules of evidence, such as the chain of custody and whether any laws were broken in its acquisition.  They will take depositions from key witnesses, including arresting officers and any other pertinent parties.  He or she will attempt to put together a version of events that casts doubt on the charges against you.  The evidence may show that the accused had no knowledge that anything unlawful was taking place or had no criminal intent.


In a case where the prosecution appears to have a strong case, a plea bargain may be the best course of action.  That is when having an experienced attorney with strong negotiation skills, familiarity with the district in which the case is to be tried, and a working relationship with the prosecutor and the judge is in your best interests.  If there are mitigating factors applicable to your case, your attorney could get you a reduction in penalties such as a shorter prison sentence.


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