Accused Of A Business-Related Crime?

Business-related crimes Attorney in Detroit

A business-related crime is a broad term for financial, economic or a corporate crime that most of the time involves fraud, theft and illegal financial transactions perpetrated by sophisticated means.  They are categorized as non-violent crimes as they tend to be financially motivated.  These crimes vary in complexity; from a simple reallocation of funds (embezzlement) committed by a single individual to a multi-step money laundering scheme perpetrated by an organized crime entity.


Fraud is an act of deceiving a person or business to part with funds or property under false pretenses.  In cases of health care and insurance fraud, an omission or misrepresentation of material facts, to gain some type of benefit, is considered fraud.  Other types of fraud include bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud, credit/debit card fraud, telemarketing fraud and wire fraud.  In addition to fraud, business related crime includes bribery, blackmail, counterfeiting, forgery, tax evasion, and the list goes on.   Counterfeiting is when items are produced with the intent to take advantage of the established value of the imitated product. Similarly, the creation of a false written document or an alteration of the real one is forgery.  Bribery is the offering or giving something of value for the purpose of influencing the actions of another, whereas blackmail generally involves some threat of exposure to influence another’s actions.  Tax evasion is the failure to pay a fair share of taxes to the government.


The penalties for these types of crimes vary widely and may result in multiple lawsuits.   If you are charged with a business-related crime or believe you may be under investigation, it is in your best interest to consult with a business-related crimes attorney immediately.  These types of charges can be very complex and require a skilled and a capable legal team to launch a full investigation and evaluate the evidence against you.  We can recover information to help your case through discovery, determine if the state’s evidence can be suppressed, and negotiate with the court on your behalf.  We will review your particular legal situation and lay out all your options. The Legalquest Network Team has the experience and the know-how to handle your case, in some situations you may be able to avoid legal charges completely.


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