Detroit International Financial Crimes Attorney

What are international financial crimes charges?

International financial law is a complex framework of rules, standards and practices that regulate international financial markets and transactions.  Financial crimes that involve multinational transactions are defined as international crime.  As more and more companies extend their scope of operations across international borders, so can their employees be charged with an international (or cross-jurisdictional) financial crime.  In the U.S., all such matters are handled by the US Department of Justice.


There is no globally accepted definition of international financial crime, and therefore, individual countries define these crimes according to the laws of their own land.  They are based on unacceptable or unlawful behavior as defined by that country or territory.  A charge for these crimes can also come about as a result of breaking an agreement in a treaty between different countries.


These unlawful acts are broken down into 2 major branches of white collar crime.  Financial crimes are those against personal property of a person or corporation and may include land, buildings, securities and anything else of value.  Corporate crimes may be committed by an individual or a corporation and include money laundering, embezzlement, tax evasion, tax fraud and insider trading.


Because many financial crimes are known to have links to terrorist activities, these charges are a big deal in most countries.  Issues related to prevention, detection and prosecution of counterfeiting and laundering money are becoming an issue of national interest.  You may inadvertently be involved in a situation without fully recognizing what is going on around you and if/when it blows up, the charges brought against you can have a major impact on your personal and family life, your professional reputation and your career.  Your reputation can be ruined and a criminal record can have a far reaching negative impact on all aspects of your life.  Don’t let the governmental agency intimidate you; you deserve a defense that will bring justice to you and your loved ones.

You may be involved in an international financial crimes investigation for a variety of reasons and the international financial crime attorneys at Legalquest Network have the knowledge and the experience to mount a winning defense so that you can return to your life.

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