Detroit Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Skilled legal Defense for Rape, Child Pornography, Sexual Abuse and Prostitution

Breaking the law has consequences, but if you are accused of a sex crime, many times the price you may end up paying is higher than what was ordered by the judge.  The stigma, embarrassment and a ruined reputation can haunt you long after you paid the legal penalties.  Having to register as a sex offender limits your rights as a citizen.  It prevents you from living in certain places, and many jobs will never be available to you if you are a convicted sex offender.  Friends and family may respond negatively to those who are convicted or even charged with a sex offense.   You can lose your job and your whole life can be turned upside down, especially if you have a romantic partner.  Don’t let yourself be ostracized from society because of what could be an ignorant, one-time mistake.  If you are charged with a sex crime, it is imperative you get a sex crimes defense lawyer as soon as possible.


Prostitution and solicitation are illegal in the state of Michigan under section 750.448 of the Michigan Penal Code.  A prostitution charges defense attorney may argue that there was a misunderstanding, where the police incorrectly assumed that a consensual act was somehow illegal or that money changed hands when it did not.


Entrapment is a feasible sexual abuse charges defense.  It may also be used as a child pornography charges defense if the defendant inadvertently clicked on something that was sent online without knowing what it was.  Perhaps you believed the images or videos were of consenting adults.  There are numerous ways to fight these accusations; the specifics will depend on each individual case.


Rape is another serious accusation that can have long-lasting repercussions in and out of jail.  A rape charges defense needs to be formed as soon as you find out that you are charged with rape.  Many situations with well-meaning intentions can be misconstrued; if alcohol was involved or, in cases of statutory rape, ignorance may be the culprit.  It may be possible to reduce the charge by casting enough reasonable doubt to prevent you from having this stain on your permanent record.


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